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Welcome to Transpera

TRANSPERA Clear Aligners are transparent wonders made of the best quality medical grade PETG material that are designed to straighten your teeth to perfection.

TRANSPERA Clear Aligners are a perfect alternative to traditional braces. Similar to braces, TRANSPERA Clear Aligners use a gradual and gentle force to control the movement of teeth but without the wires and braces.

Straight teeth improves the health of your gums and jaw bone. Also you will look your best

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Clear Aligners


Overbite is the extent of verbal overlap of maxillary (upper) central incisors over the mandibular (lower) central incisors. Aligners can be used to correct minor to moderate overbite


An underbite is a dental condition where your lower teeth extend farther than your upper teeth. Usually it results in misalignment of the jaw


Gaps between teeth are unwanted spaces between two or more of the teeth. Gap between top front teeth is called Diastema. Aligner treatment is effective way to treat gap between teeth


If your upper front teeth come down too far over your bottom front teeth when you close your jaw, that’s considered as dental misalignment. If the overlap is more than 4mm, it is termed as deep bite.


A cross bite happens if your teeth don’t line up properly when your mouth is closed. It can affect a single tooth or group of teeth. These problems may be caused by habits, tooth growth delays, bone structure problems, upper respiratory/ airway problems or genetics.


Crowding is a dental malposition that is caused by lack of space in the dental arch, so that the teeth are not aligned properly.


It is a developmental or acquired malocclusion whereby no vertical overlap exists between maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) anterior or posterior teeth

Clear way to a
healthy & beautiful smile

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Why Transpera?


Now you can seamlessly blend in with your peers and colleagues even with your aligners on as they are almost invisible.

For adults, your smile plays a big role as it shows others that you are friendly, confident and approachable. TRANSPERA will do your job with ease.


Great with TRANSPERA Aligners can be completed in nearly half the time compared to regular braces. 

So YES! TRANSPERA Aligners are easy on your pocket.


Yes! TRANSPERA Aligners are removable. It means you can enjoy your favourite food which is otherwise not possible with regular braces.


With TRANSPERA Aligners, you can specifically correct the teeth 'YOU' want.

This is only possible with the advanced technologies and treatment planning done at TRANSPERA.


How Transpera works?

Meet Your Dentist

Your Dentist / Orthodontist will examine your teeth and assess if you are a candidate for TRANSPERA clear Aligner Therapy


Meet Your Dentist

Get a 3D Scan Of Your Teeth

Your Orthodontist will arrange for a 3D scan of your teeth where you can also visualize your future smile and corrected teeth alignment


Get a 3D Scan Of Your Teeth

Digital Treatment Planning Software

The 3D Scan will now be interpreted by an expert orthodontist who plans your whole treatment using an advanced and futuristic planning software.

Digital Treatment Planning Software

Your Aligners Are Ready

Your Clear Aligners will be delivered to your Dentist/Orthodontist who will fix an appointment to check them.


Your Aligners Are Ready

Transform your smile
without being noticed

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What Our Patients Say?

Start your smile
makeover journey today

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Frequently Asked Questions

TRANSPERA clear aligners are specifically designed by Orthodontists. They have a durable built and are made of high-quality thermoplastic material which makes it the most preferable. Moreover, its advanced creation process enables precise fit and faster delivery.

TRANSPERA works like a charm. TRANSPERA clear aligners are made using CAD/CAM technology, considering your teeth’ position and having a unique correctional pattern. The aligners gently and gradually push the teeth in the desired alignment and thereby reshaping your smile.

Usually, a simple treatment takes about 4-7 months, and complex cases take about 10-15 months. Post-treatment, you will need to wear a retainer.

TRANSPERA is created with high-quality, CE certified polyurethane plastic and is perfectly safe for use. It does not contain any hazardous chemicals or toxins that can affect your health. It has a robust build and can endure pressure and shocks

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